WP6: Dissemination of Results

The dissemination and exploitation of the research outcomes will cover all relative bodies in Cyprus, such as the Department of Town Planning and Housing, the Department of Antiquities, Local Authorities, the Cyprus Organization of Architectural Heritage, the Cyprus Scientific Technical Chamber, the ICOMOS, research and academic institutes, architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers as well as the public and the international scientific community. In the framework of this work package a series of lectures and seminars to inform all interested parties will be organized by the University of Cyprus in collaboration with the Department of Town Planning and Housing and the Department of Antiquities.


After the completion of the programme, the research team will organize a scientific seminar in Cyprus for the presentation of the project results and outcomes. Scholars and visiting-speakers will be invited by the University of Cyprus in order to participate in the scientific presentations which will take place at the seminar.


In addition, a website has been created where useful information and suggestions on environmental restoration solutions of vernacular buildings in Cyprus with extensive reports on the results of the research programme will be inserted. The website will demonstrate the inventory data of the bioclimatic and environmental design principles/features of vernacular buildings of WP2 as well as new approaches and methods for conservation of vernacular buildings.



A brochure useful for the professionals and the public including a summary of the conclusions of the programme will also be prepared. Finally, during the programme and after its completion, the research team will attend several international conferences and prepare publications for international journals in order to disseminate the research findings. Three abstracts and one paper have already been accepted for presentation by the research team of the programme in international conferences.


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