Work Packages

WP1: Project Management

The main objective of WP1 is the rational coordination and collaboration of the research team members and the management of the individual work packages within the time limits and the available financial resources. The ultimate goal is to optimize the allocation of the necessary inputs, tools and equipment and integrate these tools to meet the defined objectives and deliverables.

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WP2: Inventory Data and Field Research of the Bioclimatic Design Principles of Vernacular Buildings and of the Open Public Spaces of the Rural Settlements Under Study

The objectives of WP2 are the examination and investigation of all bioclimatic parameters of vernacular buildings and public open spaces in traditional settlements of Cyprus (plain, mountainous and coastal areas), through topographical and architectural plans and also by using on-site investigation. The main outcome of WP2 is the identification of three settlements which will be thoroughly investigated in accordance with the above mentioned parameters and research methods.

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WP3: Temperature, Humidity, Air Movement and Illumination Levels Monitoring for a Period of a Year and Experimental Laboratory Research to Determine the Thermal Characteristics of Traditional Materials

The purpose of this WP is to quantify all the necessary data to assess the energy efficiency of vernacular buildings and evaluate the outdoor microclimatic conditions while creating the required database for the energy modelling and analysis of the buildings and outdoor spaces under examination that will be carried out in WP4.

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WP4: Modeling and Simulation of the Environmental Performance of the Vernacular Buildings Selected for the Field Measurements

The main objective of the WP4 is the characterization of the energy efficiency of the traditional buildings under study by using performance analysis software while taking into consideration the field measurements that will be realized in the WP3.

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WP5: Environmental Refurbishment Solutions for Energy Upgrade of the Existing Stock and Proposals for Improvement of the Outdoor Microclimatic Conditions

The purpose of this WP is to determine new parameters, design and construction tools and new solutions and innovative approaches aiming at a better total comfort for the interior and outdoor spaces of buildings and public spaces respectively. Additionally, guidelines and proposals related to construction materials and to new arrangements of the traditional architectural layouts will be prepared in order to achieve energy upgrade of the built stock.

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WP6: Dissemination of Results

The main objective of the WP6 is to develop an effective dissemination plan oriented towards the needs of the audience, using appropriate language and information levels. In the framework of this WP it will be ensured that dissemination material is communicated effectively and provides useful information to architects, engineers, local authorities as well as the general public and the international scientific community.

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